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meet me in Montauk


don't waste your youth growing up


war by ~NightLia on deviantART

Do you remember standing on a broken field
White crippled wings beating the sky
The harbingers of war with their nature revealed
And our chances flowing by

Feb. 8th, 2010

Пока мои автотвиттерящиеся ластфм чарты топ-артистов за неделю не давали вам забыть о моем существовании, я забыла, как писать в ЖЖ.

Twitter | Natalia Vanne

00:28 21.09.2009
nataliavanne: replace all those 'she' with 'he' in the song Last To Know by Three Days Grace and that would be a story from my life

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Twitter | Natalia Vanne

22:30 19.09.2009
nataliavanne: i want you all tatooed i want you bad

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Three Days Grace - Break

Twitter | Natalia Vanne

00:15 12.09.2009
nataliavanne: The better quality version of 'The Imperia' can be found on the FL▲MER website: http://flamermusic.com

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