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Flame To The Moth

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Natalie Adrienne D'Arque
4 October

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Welcome to my LiveJournal!
My Journal is Friends Only. If you want to be added, please, let me know about it.
A huge part of my journal is in Russian, it's my native language. So, there may be
some problems if you don't know Russian.                                                         
Thank you, Natalie.                                                                 

* night_lia - I'm a proud owner of this nickname since I registered on LJ. The one I
used to own before was 'Lia' and it was already (and, I believe, still is) taken here.
And I just added a word 'night' in the beginning. So now it sounds just like my real
name - Natalie - if you'll try to pronounce it.                                                      
* Flame To The Moth - My journal title comes from Pain Of Salvation song title. I've
got sort of an obsession on moth and butterflies since birth.  It's my favourite part
of the song:                                                                                                   
[. . . . .]
I once had blue eyes, hungry and wise
now they are black from this dark age of lies
we're all privatized, industrialized
we capitalize on the beams in our eyes
it's all in the eyes, eyes - tearing with sorrow
burning with anger and passion and lust
(c)Pain Of Salvation 'Flame To The Moth'

* Music:  Poets Of The Fall,  Serj Tankian,  3dg,  Flёur,  Oomph!,  3DG,  Uniklubi,
Within Temptation, Evanescence, Clint Mansell, Nirvana, Apocalyptica, Happoradio
and many many many more

* Films: The Fountain, Requiem For A Dream, Pi, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Musta jää, Господин Оформитель, Le quai des brumes

* Books: by Tolkien, Palahniuk, Shakespeare, Schiller, Maugham, Dostoevsky, Bulgakov .  .  .                             
and many many many more

* TV Shows: L O S T,   Supernatural,   Charmed,   Friends,   Jeeves and Wooster  

* General:  music  is  my boyfriend,  my guitars and basses are  my lovers, I'm a
destroyer of the world and  God's my employer,  all the best comes from Finland,
tatooed  and  pierced   people   are  way  more  cool   and   kick   your  ass  and
h e l l    y e a h    I  '  m    a b s o l u t e l y    c r a z y  .  .  .                            

mars army

"It's a merry go
'round and around
and around..."

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Social capital

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